Alan Cheung

- Certified Public Accountant
Alan has over 18 years in insolvency management, corporate restructuring, forensic accounting and litigation support working with specialist insolvency firms in Hong Kong.

Alan is also a member of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“HKICPA”), member of Restructuring and Insolvency Faculty of the HKICPA and INSOL International, an international association of restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy professionals. He is also award by the HKICPA the Specialist Designation in Insolvency, in which there are only around 65 accountants awarded out of the 44,000 plus members of the HKICPA.

Alan has been appointed by the Creditors as a Liquidator or by the Court as a Nominee of various high profile insolvencies or estates with substantial assets. He was involved in the liquidation of a Hong Kong listed manufacturer of jewellery products, a well-known department store in Hong Kong, a well-known cyber bookstore based in Hong Kong and a sizable construction consulting company in Hong Kong. His recent appointments in Hong Kong include that as a Liquidator of a LCD TV-Monitor manufacturer, and Nominee of over 150 cases of Individual Voluntary Arrangements by the Court. Alan was also involved in the restructuring of other companies in Hong Kong.

He has handled insolvency administrations in a broad range of industries including trading, construction, retail, manufacturing, information technology, textiles, publishing, import and export, food and beverage and services.

As well as Alan's extensive insolvency management and corporate restructuring experience, he has also worked on various forensic accounting and litigation support assignments including investigation of accounting transactions, preparation of expert reports for Court proceedings.

Alan’s Academic Background

  1. Bachelor of Commerce in International Business Management
  2. Master of Professional Accounting
  3. Master of Finance in Taxation

Alan’s Professional Qualification

  1. Certified Public Accountant in Hong Kong
  2. Certified Tax Adviser in Hong Kong
  3. Specialist Designation in Insolvency in Hong Kong
  4. Certified Public Accountant in Canada

Shall you have any query about insolvency issue, feel free to call Alan by (+852) 51286432