What is Corporate Compliance ?

When doing business in a specific jurisdiction, as a basic requirement, a company must be compliant to the domestic law and related rules and regulations of its own industry. In order to achieve a higher standard of Corporate Compliance, a company has to processes corporate policies, standards, and procedures aims to conduct business ethically and responsibly in the community, and to its clients.

Sustainability of a corporation is replying on a sound governance. Company shall demonstrates their upholding of ethics and laws by thriving its internal culture and company's behavior from top (Those Charged With Governance) to front line staffs.

There are five key Corporate Compliance elements

Leadership: Those Charged With Governance must set the tone pervasively in the company.

Risk Assessment: Conduct a risk assessment to identify those areas in company that emerge a compliance-risks. Analyze those risks and deal with them accordingly.

Standards and Controls: Code of Conduct; Standards and Policies; Procedures.

Training and Communication: Train all stakeholders on all related compliance regulations, internal policies, and laws.

Oversight: Those Charged With Governance must also monitor for compliance in regular basis.

Corporate compliance is serious matter to your business. A significant violation to domestic law may lead your company to a disaster. Those Charged With Governance may be in risk of being fined or even jailed due to infringement of relevant law.

How our advisor assist you in this regard ?

Eddie Fok had worked as an executive director, independent non-executive direct and/or company secretary in several Hong Kong main board listed companies in the last two decades. With his solid and pragmatic experience previously gained, he can give you a feasible solution to tackle with those challenges.

Those main challenges include but not limited to below basic legal requirements in the areas of :

Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622)

Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112)

Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap. 571)

Main Board, GEM Board Listing Rules (Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited)

Rules and Regulations issued by The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC)