Elena Demarziani

Elena is a Chartered Certified Accountant currently practising in Milano. She is the founder of BDM SRL, an auditing company for non-profit organizations.

Since 1993 she leads the Studio Demarziani, an accountancy firm, offering compass for sailing the sea of Italian taxes and accounting requirements, to small and medium enterprises; in particular foreign companies who want to set up their business in Italy.

The main areas in which the Studio Demarziani works are:

  • Business set up services
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Tax services
  • Business services
  • IT systems for business controlling


Elena is an expert in tax planning and business plans. She’s also very active in foundations, charities and trusts and she’s Vice President of the Non-Profit Commission of the Institute of Chartered Accountant.

With BDM Auditing Elena is the auditor of several companies, mainly foundations and non-profit organizations.

Elena’s Academic Background

B.S. Economics – Università degli Studi di PAVIA

Master’s Economics – Università degli Studi di PAVIA

Elena's Professional Qualification

Italian Chartered Accountant - Dottore Commercialista

Legal Auditor- Revisore Legale


Elena Demarziani



Via Gran San Bernardo 16

20154 MILANO (IT)