Raymond Ng

Raymond is a Chartered Accountant in Australia and New Zealand with over ten years professional experience in accounting, auditing, business advisory, risk management, and taxation in Hong Kong and Australia. In addition to the Chartered Accountant qualification, Raymond has also obtained professional certifications in the areas of internal audit, information systems audit, cybersecurity and fraud investigation which make him to become one of the youngest most qualified accounting and risk management professional in the world. Raymond is well-placed to be the clients' all-rounded professional advisor.

Raymond’s Academic Background

  1. Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance


Raymond’s Professional Qualification

  1. Chartered Accountant in Australia and New Zealand
  2. Certified Practising Accountant in Australia
  3. Certified Internal Auditor in the USA
  4. Certified Information Systems Auditor in the USA
  5. Certified Cybersecurity Practitioner in the USA
  6. Certified Fraud Examiner in the USA